When it comes to kitchens, ACJ knows that you need to get it right.

With commercial kitchens especially, it needs to incorporate not only a seamless aesthetic, but also an inbuilt functionality that can cater for the proverbial heat when it’s go-time. Here at ACJ, we have established ourselves on our fine craftsmanship when it comes to commercial fitouts and office refurbishments, and the same can be said for our fine kitchens. While we offer a long list of other joinery services such as architectural joinery and reception desks, this page is primarily for our kitchen projects as well as the relevant information that comes along with such a service.

ACJ work with all sorts of businesses and residents (when undertaking a high-end residential project) and as such, have created some truly stunning kitchens. Before the tools come out, however, it’s important to establish all the preliminary planning and associated processes before we begin. ACJ will listen to your personal needs and specific requirements, as well as making a physical assessment of the area in question.

We want to get all the information and make sure everyone involved is on the right page before we undertake any project, so while the initial stage may seem thorough, it’s most definitely worth it in the end. Once we have ticked off on the design and the all the particulars, all you have to do then is sit back and watch the magic happen.

We at ACJ have always prided ourselves on our industry-leading craftsmanship, our transparency from start to finish, and our commitment to each and every project, no matter how big or small.

And that goes for our kitchens too. By partnering with our clients in such a personalised way, it allows us to create the perfect kitchen that complements the rest of the building/house. Ultimately, that’s what we want here at ACJ. To not only create a quality finished product, but to effortlessly blend it with the current infrastructure or complement an entire new design interface.

If it’s commercial kitchens you’re after (or high-end residential) then get in touch with ACJ today to discuss all the options. Together, we can build something truly great.

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